Declutter Your Kitchen

Published on 1/13/2022

There are four main areas to declutter in the kitchen: cabinets, drawers, pantry, and the refrigerator and freezer. Taking advantage of hidden storage in the kitchen can help declutter all four!


  • Clear out and wipe down all of your cabinets.
  • Get rid of old cookware, utensils, or storage containers that you don’t use or that are missing pieces.
  • Add organizers to cabinets to keep dishes, cookware, spices, and other pantry items visible.



  • Take items out of your kitchen drawers and wipe them all down.
  • Sort through utensils and get rid of duplicates, broken utensils, and items you don’t use.
  • Designate specific drawers where you can group similar items.
  • Use drawer organizers and dividers to keep everything visible and easy to grab.



  • Remove everything from the pantry and wipe down all shelves.
  • Throw out expired food and set aside non-perishable items you don’t want for donation.
  • Place items you use frequently on easy-to-reach shelves and items you don’t use as often higher up.
  • Store dry food like pasta, rice, beans, cereal, pretzels, and crackers in sealed containers with labels detailing what’s inside and when the food expires.
  • Take any snack-size items out of boxes and place them in wire or wicker baskets for grab-and-go ease.
  • Group foods and spices together in a way that makes sense for you, either by meal or by type of food.


Refrigerator & Freezer

  • Clear out and wipe down the inside, including any shelves and drawers.
  • Use clear plastic storage bins to maximize your fridge and freezer organization.
  • Group similar items like vegetables, fruits, cheeses, lunch meats, sodas, and more.
  • Store condiments, sauces, and other jars on a turntable to avoid having to dig through your fridge.