Typical Reasons for Renting a Storage Unit

Published on 8/13/2018

Storage in the United States is increasingly popular. Depending where an individual is in their life can determine when and for how long they may or may not consider renting a storage unit. Depending on what is needing to be stored determines where to store it. Climate controlled, fenced properties, high security, quick convenience are huge reasons that people store personal items. Below area  list of the typical reasons individuals store things.

1. Lack of Storage Space at Home

People like to collect stuff. Sometimes, our growing collection can become to large to keep in one place. Storing in a storage facility creates the right amount of space needed to store the momentos that are so dearly cherished.

2. Moving
Moving can be stressful, and in a time of transition, sometimes the easiest thing to do is place household belongings you to do not know what to do with into storage. Once, you get a game plan to figure out what you are going to do, belongings can easily be removed from storage and brought back to the new place!

3. Renovating
Home renovations can be tedious, long, and full of headaches. With all the extra materials and contractors, placing furniture or extra building materials in temporary storage can keep things safe, clean, and out of the way.

4. Baby on the Way
New humans in a home come with a lot of stuff. Sometimes meshing belongings can be a challenge. Storage is a great option for hand-me-down clothing, extra furniture, and baby supplies. 

5. Tools
Items may include tools you need, but not every day. Storing extra tools helps declutter the home, but also keeps them in a safe location.

6. Garden Furniture and Machines
Storing them over the winter keeps them protected and in good quality for next season.

7. Gap Year
Traveling the world is a fun and intellectual pastime, but dealing with your personal property during this time can be a challenge. Placing things in storage is a great way to keep your belongings safe and sound until you return.

8. Working Away
Working a job that requires extended periods of travel can cause a number of questions. If you are gone for months on end, or even years, it might be best to store your belongings during this time. 
9. Empty Nesting
As children move out, their old furniture may get in the way, or, maybe your kids are storing extra stuff at your house. Free your home of these large items by placing them in an easily accessible storage unit near your home. 

10. University Students in Summertime
Moving between apartments every few months can cause stress and massive inconveniences. If students move back home for the summer months, placing furniture and other household items into storage where they go to school may be the best option.