Moving a large family? Here are tips to make it fun and hassle-free

Published on 11/6/2018

Moving a large family to a new home can be quite stressful:  kids running around, missing items, forgetting daily necessities at one of the homes, mixing each other’s belongings, etc. If you have a large family and want to avoid these common problems when moving, follow this list of useful tips to make it an easy, fast, and fun process!

Declutter your home

Large families have lots of belongings. Some of them are not needed anymore and they are just forgotten in the basement or the garage. Make sure you purge your home from all the unnecessary items before moving. You can store those items in a self-storage unit and keep them there during the process. This will allow you to have a faster move out and allow you to take your time moving in to your new home.

Create a detailed inventory

Make a list of all the things you are planning to take to your new home. This will help you keep track of where items are at all times and help prevent your belongings from getting lost or misplaced.

Make it a game

There is never enough help! A good way to make your kids help out is by making it fun. Have them visualize the moving process as if it was a game. Combine hide and seek with “who does it faster” to entice kids to collect all their items in an entertaining way. Your kids will be busy doing something productive, yet fun.

Label everything

When there are a lot of people in a family, it isn’t rare that each other’s belongings get mixed or lost. For that reason, labeling all the items and boxes is a smart move.  

Separate the essentials

Transporting furniture and personal items from all the members of a large family might require several trips to the new house. Going from one house to the other may cause you to lose some things on the way or forget something that you need daily. Make sure to keep the essentials separated, so you can easily find them during your move.

Keep the little ones away

Have little ones at home? A good way to make sure they are safe and taken care of during your move is by taking them somewhere else during the process. Put them in daycare, hire a babysitter, or ask someone you trust to take care of them for the day. This will ensure their safety and allow you to move faster and more efficiently.

Make the move an adventure

If you’re relocating to another city or state, make it a family road trip and visit places on the way to your new home. Spending time with your family will result in a fun, happy move for everyone!