Tips to Safely Store Items in Your Storage Unit

Published on 2/10/2020

One of the best parts of renting a self-storage unit is the wide variety of items that can be stored in a secure and controlled environment. Some items may require certain methods of storage in order to make sure that they stay clean and safe while remaining in your unit for long periods of time. Here are several tips to help keep your belongings clean, organized, and safe:

Don’t Store Anything Perishable: Storing any food or plants in your storage unit is not a great idea. It’s also possibly prohibited by the facility you’re renting from. Decaying plants or rotting food will leave an odor that’s hard to get out and may attract bugs, which could harm other items that you have in storage.

Cover Large Items: Putting blankets or a tarp over items, such as any large furniture, will help keep those items safe in your storage unit. Doing so will help prevent dust build up, keep them clean and help preserve them over long periods of time.

Put Smaller Items into Boxes: For smaller items that you may want to store, it’s best to fit as many as possible into boxes. This helps keep your unit organized and protects the items from dust. Be sure to seal the boxes with tape to further protect your belongings.

Keep Things Dry: When storing items that hold water, such as refrigerators or washing machines, make sure they’ve been completely cleaned out and dried. Water can leak out onto the floor and damage other items in your unit, so make sure those items are completely free of water. Keeping your items dry and sealed will help prevent mildew from building up as well.

Avoid Plastic Bags and Wrapping: Plastic is excellent for storing items temporarily around your home, but not for long-term storage. Be sure to avoid wrapping any items in plastic because it can seal in moisture, causing mildew and mold.

Keep Things Elevated: When storing boxes, put pallets underneath them to raise them off the ground. You may also invest in some shelving units to keep items off of the floor and help better organize your storage unit.

When placing your valuable items in a self-storage unit, taking these extra steps will give you added peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure. Ready to rent a storage unit? Click here to check out our available sizes and rates.