Storage Units Save Marriages!

Published on 10/8/2018

Getting married? How exciting! Flowers, party, happiness, enjoying time with family and friends, moving in together, fighting for space to fit your stuff at your new home… Yeah, this last part was not as pretty as the rest, right?

Situations like that can initiate one of the first arguments of a recent marriage. Having to decide which things fit at home and which they have to let go of; and, most importantly, who is the one who gets to keep what. Think about it, moving in together means combining two households full of items. Maybe you have an extra bedroom set that you don’t need now, but you might eventually. Or, maybe your spouse comes with a truckload of antique furniture that doesn’t fit with the décor of your new home! Well, you could always keep it all and survive with less space in your new, beautiful home. But, of course, you don’t want to do that.

So, this leaves you two options: you can let these things occupy an entire room at home… or you can rent a self-storage unit and free up valuable space! The latter option sounds like the best one for this type of situations. And it will even help you have a happier marriage!

Come to River City Self Storage and check out our facilities! Maybe you find the one you need before the war over space starts!