Make Your College Move Easier

Published on 10/1/2018

If you are a college student living on or near campus, you know how time-consuming the moving process can be each year. You have to repeat this process every year when school is over and you go home for the summer. Considering a storage unit for the summer breaks is a smart, efficient idea that will make the whole experience smoother for you and your parents.

The moving process becomes faster and easier when you rent a storage unit. First, you can find a facility close to the dorm room or apartment where you stay during your college experience. This makes for a convenient moving in and out process. It would also prevent you from cluttering your parents’ garage with all the random college stuff that you keep in your dorm. Most storage facilities offer various unit sizes, so you can find one that’s perfect for storing the décor, books, and small furniture you might keep in your room. And, these storage units are affordable and secure.

In the case of international or out-of-state students, this is definitely the best option! It saves you in shipping costs every time you go home and gives you the option of travelling with less luggage! Moreover, when students rent storage units, colleges and universities benefit because they can enjoy faster, smoother move outs. So, everyone wins!! Check out the self-storage units at River City Self Storage. The school year will go by fast, so start thinking about renting one next summer!