Tips to Organize Your Main Living Space

Published on 9/6/2018

We all lead busy lives and often don’t have time to constantly clean and declutter our homes--especially the high traffic areas. Luckily, there are several things we can do to easily combat clutter and help better organize our main living space.

Put paper in its place

Many people use their kitchen or family room table as a central gathering place for mail, paperwork, school papers and more. Purchase a portable filing cabinet, tiered letter tray or media organizer for the room. It will help keep your important documents neatly organized and easily accessible. Once a week, pick a purge day to go through all the papers and discard any old or unnecessary items.

Tuck away the toys

If you have a main living space that’s used as a play area for children, designate one corner or wall for toy storage. Add a bookcase, table or multi-color bins to hold books, art supplies and toys. Put each child’s name on the bin(s) so they know it’s their own personal storage space. Frame their artwork and hang it on the wall over the area, so it feels like their special place to play.

Frame up the photos

Do you have tons of frames in each room? Maybe you’ve collected or been gifted small picture frames over the years and now they clutter every flat surface in your home. Find ways to display them in a new way. Buy a larger collage frame that hangs on the wall. Organize them in a photo album or create a photo book to keep on your coffee table. Or, get a digital photo frame that can easily display all your photos in one place.

Cull-down the collectibles

If you’re a collector of certain items, you most likely have them proudly displayed throughout your home. Whether it’s figurines, snow globes, books or anything else, these items can take up valuable living space. Limit your display to a handful of collectibles and put the rest in a box or storage bin. Then, every so often, rotate the items out for a different set.