Tackling A Treasure Mountain

Published on 9/24/2018

As human beings, it seems like we looove keeping ‘junk’ at our homes. We tend to get stuff that, after a while, we end up putting aside and forget that it exists. However, we are still hoping that, someday, we’ll use it again. What about that bike you used to ride so many times in high school? Or those many photo albums from when there were no digital cameras? Or even the clothes, shoes, and baby items that you used a long time ago when your first kid was born?

Sometimes we keep these things for personal reasons, emotional value, possible future need, or maybe just because. We keep them as treasures and they become part of a big ‘treasure’ mountain that we will probably end up not using ever again. Despite knowing this fact, we do not want to get rid of them. They are there for a reason. They are important, sentimental objects that we do not want to let go of.

Besides our tendency to connect to the past through objects, we also want to buy new things! We, the humans… we will never be satisfied! We appear to want more and more, even when we do not need anything else. We create a lifestyle where every day we have MORE STUFF, and LESS ROOM to store it! But, do we really need to decide whether we want to keep our things from the past or move forward into a future with new, innovative gadgets?

The answer is NO! You don’t need to choose anymore! A long time ago, someone came up with this idea of renting a room outside your home where you can store your most precious stuff. What a genius, huh? It is a brilliant idea that will solve the “I want it, but I have no room for it” crisis. Some of these facilities are even climate controlled, like the ones at River City Self Storage. This helps make your valuable treasure last longer, preserving paper, wood and other materials in great condition! So, make your life easier and rent a storage unit! You have –literally-- nothing to lose!!